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Q. Are FremantleMedia going to carry on with Tagged Classics?
A. We know the Tagged Classics have been popular with fans and we will be looking at developing similar DVD programming during 2013. There is nothing to report at this time, but if/when this changes we’ll be sure to make it known.

 Q. Are the DVD’s going to continue after Summer Slam 2012?
A. Yes, we have a full release schedule planned for 2013 and we will follow the release pattern of the US.

Q. Is there a set time frame for how long after the US the UK will have the DVD?
A. It is our intention to release product in Europe as quickly as possible after the US release. Our target is to get this down to 4 weeks or under.An example of attaining this goal is For All Mankind: The Life & Career Of Mick Foley, which was released in the UK a week after the USA street date and WrestleMania will be our a month earlier than it was last year.

 Q. Are you going to continue releasing the Live In The UK titles each year?
A. Yes, we will continue to release the Live in the UK titles on DVD. Live in the UK  - April 2013 will be out on 15th July 

Q. When you say you will be offering back catalogue titles does this mean you will be selling older titles previously released by the old licensee?
A. Yes, it is our intention to offer a range of back catalogue titles previously released by the old licensee. All rights to titles and content previously released by the old licensee will be transfer to Fremantle on 1st January 2013. We will make as much of the back catalogue available as we can and will also look into new ways of presenting it.

Q. Will the DVD’s be ahead of retail stores on your website?
A. We will have a pre-order facility but the website and retail release dates will be the same.

Q. Will you be releasing the past PPV’s?
A. We will reactivate a range of back catalogue titles previously release by the old licensee over a period of time and this will include the past PPV’s.

Q. Will you be releasing back catalogue titles on Blu-ray?

A. We are looking into releasing as much of the back catalogue on Blu-ray as commercially possible. There is a survey on what titles you’d like to see on Blu-ray currently on the website.

Q.Are you going to release PPV every month or 2 every second month?
A.Following on from the releases of Royal Rumble in March, the PPV schedule is shaping up to be monthly from then on. Elimination Chamber is due in May followed by WrestleMania in June


Q. Will the packaging for the Live In The UK releases be the same as the previous licensee?
A. We will look to produce our own packaging design but will bear in mind previous artwork.

Q. Will you continue to print the FSK logo’s on the German inlays?
A. Yes, it is a requirement to release product in Germany

Q. Will FremantleMedia put their logos all over the front cover like the previous licensee or will it look like the US releases which is a definite plus for WWE fans?
A. Our DVD and Blu-Ray covers will match the US artwork and will run with one FremantleMedia logo, in addition to the WWE Home Video logo.


Q. Will the DVD’s have French language options?

A. Yes, our releases will have French and German commentary. You can find specific language details for our new releases on both DVD & Blu-ray within their respective listings.


Q. When is payment taken for a pre-order, upon payment or once the item has shipped?

A. Payment for all orders, including pre-order titles, is taken immediately during the ordering process.

Q. When will be pre-orders be delivered?
A. We aim for all pre-orders to be delivered by day of release (or sooner if possible.)

Q. Is there be a telephone number to place orders?

A. Yes. Telephone ordering is available from 9:30am - 5pm GMT Monday to Friday.
From within UK: 0203 668 1500 International: +44 (0)203 668 1500

Q. Can customers order by post?

A. Yes the can you can find more information on our order by post page click HERE.

Q. Is delivery in the UK free of charge?
A. Yes all orders within the UK have free shipping. However there will be a charge on all orders outside of the UK.

Q. How long does delievry of an order take?

A. Details on the delievry process, can be found on our delivery detail page click HERE.


 A. Our iTunes UK Superstore has now launched and can be found HERE.

Q. When will titles be available to the rest of Europe digitally?
A. We hope to have any update on this soon, but at this time there is nothing to report.

Q. What type of titles will be/are available on iTunes UK?
A. A variety of our WWE titles including PPV events such as Survivor Series 2012are already available for purchase for iTunes UK. There are also going to be a range of catalogue titles available on this platform too. Catalogue titles already available to download include Wrestlemania 28and The Rock - The Epic Journey Of Dwayne Johnson.

Q. Are titles on iTunes available to purchase in High Definition (HD)?
A. Yes, titles (where possible) on our iTunes Superstore are available in HD in both 720p and 1080p.

Q. Is it possible to purchase individual matches on PPV titles?
A. Yes it is. Matches on many of our iTunes UK content can be purchased individually. Should you want to purchase the full title in the future, the price of the full title will be reflected with you previous purchase taken into account.

Q. How often will be there be updates to iTunes?
A. The scheduling of additions to our iTunes library will vary, but we can assure there will be new titles added every two weeks 


Q. What will FremantleMedia pricing strategy be?
A. We are currently reviewing our pricing structure and will soon be announcing this on We are confident that our pricing for New Releases will be similar to the previous licensee


Q. Will your website sell other WWE product like merchandise?
A. No the website will be dedicated to WWE DVD, Blu-ray and Digital content.

Q. Will product be available to download digitally?
A. Yes we have digital rights and will be making all content available digitally.

Q. Will Blu-ray product be region free?
A. Following further discussion we have been advised that the Blu-Rays will be coded B and C, we apologise for any misunderstanding.


Q. Who are SES Limited?
A. SES Limited have been appointed by FremantleMedia Enterprises to administer the WWEDVD website, process orders received by post and take customer service calls. The website is however fully owned and controlled by FremantleMedia Enterprises.

Q. Who is handling the PR for WWE titles?
A. Elle McAtamney & Jeremy Graves from Fetch Publicity are handling the PR for all WWE titles. You can find their website HERE.

Q. Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
A. Yes we are very active on social media. You can find our official Facebook HEREand Twitter HERE.



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