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DVD: English, German & French  (a mixture of dubbing & subtitles)
BLU-RAY: English, German (a mixture of dubbing & subtitles)

For 52 weeks a year, the WWE Universe is glued to their seats for 3 hours of pulse pounding action on Monday Night Raw. But what happens after the cameras stop rolling? Now, in this new DVD/Blu-ray set, The Best of Raw: After the Show, fans get a unique perspective of WWE’s flagship show, with never-before seen footage of Raw’s aftermath. Traditionally, Raw has continued on into the night purely for the enjoyment of the live audience. Now, no one is left in the dark as all the top Superstars in Raw history are presented in rare form.

Get a heavy dose of WWE’s most colourful Superstars- The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, DX, John Cena – and more, showing off their larger than life personalities, often times shedding their on camera personas for the sake of pure fun. From Austin beer bashes, birthday celebrations, humorous improv, crowd interaction, and dark matches sure to please the hardcore fan, these are the moments that can only happen in WWE.

Blu-Ray Disc Exclusives

Cincinnati, OH - 29th March 2004

The Stone Cold and Lilian Ride ATV

Anaheim, CA - 8th May 2006

Steel Cage Match

John Cena vs. Edge vs. Triple H

Las Vegas, NV – 28th January 2013

Sheamus in Vegas

Lafayette, LA – 18th February 2013

The Rock Gives Cody Rhodes a Cajun Greeting 

Calgary, CN – 27th May 2013

Bret Hart Appreciation Night  

Grand Rapids, MI – 17th June 2013 

Tables Match

John Cena vs. Ryback    

Disc Information


Orlando, FL – 10th May 1999

Stone Cold Salute to Shane McMahon and Triple H

Los Angeles, CA – 3rd April 2000

Shane McMahon Smells What the Rock is Cookin’

Uniondale, NY – 8th May 2000

Too Cool Dance with Dudleys / Jericho / Big Show

St. Louis, MO - 12th June 2000

The Big Red People’s Elbow

Did I Just See That?  

San Antonio, TX – 10th September 2001

The Rock and Sean Stasiak – Third Time’s a Charm ? 

Nashville, TN - 17th September 2001

Stone Cold’s Music City

Miami, FL - 24th December 2001

The Rock Questions an Olympic Champion 

St. Louis, MO – 22nd April 2002

Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan Share a Cold One 

Iconic Images

Seattle, WA – 12th August 2002

Under-Take-A-Rooni ?

Toronto, CN – 24th February 2003 


St. Louis, MO – 17th March 2003

The Rock and Stone Cold Meet Again

All New to Me

Seattle, WA - 31st March 2003

Rock Fan Smells It

Halifax, CN - 5th May 2003

Stone Cold and Goldberg Confront Eric Bischoff

Greenville, SC - 19th May 2003

Ric Flair Celebration

Entertain the Fans

Montreal, CN – 7th July 2003

Stone Cold Salutes Cameraman

Tuscon, AZ - 25th August 2003

Stone Cold and Chris Jericho Verbal Exchange

Columbia, SC - 15th September 2003 

Moolah’s 80th Birthday

Forever Linked   

Cleveland, OH - 3rd November 2003

Stone Cold and Goldberg Unite

Portland, OR - 9th February 2004 

Stone Cold Entertains All  

Atlanta, GA - 1st March 2004  

Rock / Stone Cold / Mick Foley Reunion

Marquee Matches

Cincinnati, OH – 14th February 2005

Triple H & Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels & Randy Orton

Montreal, CN – 15th August 2005

Hogan Poses with Batista & John Cena

Charlotte, NC – 23rd January 2006

Ric Flair Thanks North Carolina

San Antonio, TX - 17th July 2006

John Cena vs. Edge

Previously Unseen Matches

Boston, MA – 27th August 2007

Triple H vs. Randy Orton 

Worcester, MA - 2nd November 2009

DX Joined by John Cena and…..

Boston, MA – 11th July 2011

John Cena vs. CM Punk 

Lafayette, LA - 3rd October 2011 

Triple H meets Zach Ryder 

Miami, FL – 2nd April 2012

Randy Orton & Big Show & Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane & Cody Rhodes 

Detroit, MI - 23rd April 2012

Jon Cena’s Special Day 

St. Louis, MO – 23rd July 2012

The Rock and John Cena Join Forces  

East Rutherford, NJ - 8th April 2013


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